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Aren’t They Just Like Ski Pants

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Yes, although snowboarders often try to pick out the trendiest designs! Snowboard pants and ski pants¬†are of course very similar. They are designed to keep the wearer warm, dry and comfortable in basically the same conditions, whizzing down (and across) a snowy mountain side to arrive at the bottom in one piece, warm, dry and ready for a little “apres ski”, or do they call it “apres snowboarding” . . . . . note to self . . . try and find out!


So what do you need to look for in a pair of snowboarding pants?

  • The 3 layer design is very popular for snowboarding pants, with a waterproof yet fully breathable outer layer (with taped seams for extra “waterproofness” if possible). They’ve gotta be made of tough stuff too, some snowboarders fall over . . . a lot.
  • How about a pair of layered snowboard pants with a fleecy lining which you can actually whip out when it’s not too cold . . . how would that suit you? Well, they are available (just like many ski jackets) so keep an eye out for them in the sports equipment store.
  • Ventilation is a great addition to snowboard pants, but if you open up your zippers to allow a little bit of a draught, how do you know that the snow won’t sneak in if you take a tumble? Mesh gussets can put a stop to that dude . . . . don’t worry about it, those snowboard pants people have it all figure out so you don’t have to.

No wonder we usually end up sitting on them to use as a toboggan . . . . it’s tricky you know!

  • ¬†Articulated knees make sure that your knees will bend and move any way you want them to without restriction for extra motion and comfort.
  • Alpine snowboarder

    Snappers, zippers or velcro tape around the ankles will make sure that you can get your snowboard pants on and off quickly and easily without removing your snowboard boots.

  • Powderskirts are another feature found on many ski and snowboard pants, a powderskirt which means that you can fix your snowboard pants to your snowboard jacket without fear or any snow breaking through your defences.
  • Pockets (with zippers), back pocket, waist stash, cargo pockets on thighs, loops to fasten your snowboard gloves . . . all of these features come in really handy when you’re out and about on the slopes.



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